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Dinner While Cruising the Manila Bay (Prestige Dinning Cruise)

on April 12, 2013

Last Christmas, my sister gave us (Me and hubby) 2 vouchers for Prestige Dinner Cruise. Due to some unfortunate events, we forgot about the voucher and thought that we can no longer use it since it was already expired. I  tried my luck and called them If they would still allow us to use it. Thankfully, they extended the validity of the vouchers.

All weekends were overbooked so we agreed to have it reserved for March 12, 2013. Boarding area is located at CCP Complex behind Folk Arts Theater near Gloria Maris Restaurant. The dining cruise is available at 6PM or 7PM. We chose the 6PM schedule.

Our tickets. =)

When we got there, we signed up our names, got our numbers and sat at the waiting area to wait for our boarding time.

At exactly 6:00 PM, the boat arrived with lots of Korean Tourists. We were told to stand at the back and wait for our numbers to be called. At least they were organized. Numbers will be called in 8s.

The boat has 3 decks – the lower, middle and upper deck. The Lower Deck is where the buffet table is located. That night, the upper deck was closed so we chose to get seats in the middle deck.

View of Manila Bay

According to details, it is a fine dining cruise with live entertainment. But its not. =( The tables and chairs are just mono blocks. The food is ordinary and there is a male singer that sings only old songs.

The Buffet table at the Lower Deck

It’s a one hour cruise from the docking area at the Manila Bay up to Mall of Asia and back.

No one will give the signal that the buffet is ready. So better go to the lower deck once you get a table. Since we brought our 3 year old tot with us, hubby had to look after him while I get my food at the Buffet Table. Good thing they allowed me to get 2 plates of food. After were done eating, hubby went downstairs again to get another batch of food for us. =) Sulit na sulit. hehehe

We had pansit, rice, fish fillet, porkchop and dessert. Drinks are not included in the Buffet so we had to pay an additional P75 for the buttomless iced tea. The staff said he didn’t have change for our 500 peso bill so he gave the drink for free instead.

I’m hungry MommY!!!

The entire cruise was ok and not bad at all. I guess since it was given to us for free, we cannot complain. =)

It’s my son’s first time to ride a big boat so he enjoyed a lot. It’s a good experience for first timers but I don’t recommend it if you want to have a romantic dinner.


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