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Aidan Joins the Hoppy Hunt @ Rockwell

on April 10, 2013

Our tot is already 3 years and 7 months old so we figured that he would already enjoy Easter Egg Hunting events. I immediately asked my sister if she could get me a ticket for Powerplant’s Hoppy Hunt Easter Event. Fortunately, she gave me 2 complimentary tickets! Yihee!

So last March 31, hubby, Aidan and I went to Powerplant. The activity was from 2-5pm. Tickets are sold at PhP550 for 1 kid + 1 adult and PhP200 for an additional companion.

While we were in queue, waiting for our turn to enter the event, I noticed that the ticket that we were holding looked different from the other guests; Until a lady told us that the tickets we had was for the morning event for Rockwell’s staff, VIPs and tenants of The Rockwell Club.

Good thing, an older woman (who I later found out from my sister that she was the VP of Powerplant Mall) helped us and allowed us to enter ad join the activity. =)

The Venue

Inside, there were lots of activities in store for kids. They had balloon twisting, a puppet show, interactive storytelling, bubble show, face painting, Easter egg hunt, puzzle contest, ceramic egg painting, bunny ears making, easter egg games and a photobooth. Kids and adult also get to enjoy freebies from Big Chill and PinkBerry. There was also popcorn for sale at PhP50. Aidan also received a bag with lots of goodies from Lemon Square, Monde, chocolates,etc.

Each kid was  given a passport and every time a kid participates in a certain game, a staff would put a check on the passport.

Egg hunting games are categorized depending on the age of the kid. For Aidan’s age group, they were asked to collect eggs inside a mini make shift barn for 1 minute. Those who would find the golden eggs would get a special prize.

A staff giving instructions about the Egg Hunting

Aidan only collected 2 eggs though. Not bad for a first timer. hahaha

There was a long queue for the face painting but I didn’t mind because it was Aidan’s first time. It actually took us about an hour before we had our turn. We were all laughing because when we asked Aidan where he wanted to put his painting, he pointed on his tummy. People were amazed because it was only him who had a face painting in the belly. hahaha

Aidan got inked. hahaha

It was a tiring day yet when we saw the joy on our sons face, we didn’t mind the heat and exhaustion.

More freebies and activities….

Free Smoothies from BIG CHILL

Ceramic Egg Painting

Free Yogurt from Pink Berry

Puppet Show featuring Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh and Friends and Nemo

Bunny Ears Making

Interactive Storytelling

It was a lot for him as a first timer. I’m sure the tot will enjoy the next year’s Easter Egg Hunt Activity again. =)

Happy Kid. =)

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