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More Fun This Summer Without Your Bills Soaring high

on March 30, 2013

It’s summer time! And it’s getting humid again. To cool ourselves down, we rely on air conditioners and electric fans; not realizing that by the end of the month, our electricity bills soars high.

Here are some ways on how to tame down your energy consumption during the season.


-Stop using the dryer and use the sun’s heat instead.
-Avoid ironing your clothes (if not necessary)
-Use a good shape of hanger in drying your clothes. Shake the wrinkles out and set the collars.
-Use fabric conditioner  and smooth out the wrinkles before hanging the clothes.
-Once the clothes are dry, carefully fold them and pile them on top of each other.

Air Conditioner

-Should be placed on a shady spot; it uses 10% more electricity when placed under direct sunlight.
-Keep hot things (lamps, television, etc) away from the air conditioning – air conditioner works at full capacity if there are hot things nearby.
-Clean the air filters regularly.
-Purchase an air conditioner with Inverter Technology rather than the conventional type; It uses up to %50 less electricity.
-Get the right-sized air conditioner for your room.


-The more frequent you open your fridge, the more heat that goes in; And it generates more electricity consumption.
-Make a lot of ice instead; Place it in a small container/cooler.  Place your bottled water/drinks there to cool.


-It’s better to cook your food outside using  charcoal instead of a stove – to lessen the heat inside the house.

In the province, we have a dirty kitchen outside where we have a Charcoal  Stove that we use for cooking instead of  Gas Stove

-Because it’s hot and the weather is dry, it’s easy for the charcoal and firewood to ignite.
-Charcoal cooking is less expensive than cooking in a gas stove and food tastes a lot better.
-It’s best to use a microwave to heat small portions of food.


– Use (CFL) Compact Fluorescent Lamps instead of Incandescent Lights. Saves up to 75% more on electricity.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Incandescent Lights

I hope these few steps will help everyone to enjoy summer without having skyrocketing electricity bills by the end of the season.


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