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Our 4th Wedding Anniversary at La Traviesa Hotel and Resort

on March 23, 2013

Aside from 3 being my lucky number, another reason why I chose March for our wedding date was because it’s the start of summer. Every year since we got married, we’ve celebrated our wedding anniversary in a beach or a nearby resort. We went to WaterCamp Resort on our 1st anniversary; then we had 3 days vacation at Puerto Gallera on the 2nd and last year, it was our Church Wedding. Although we were not able to travel on that same day since it was our wedding, we were able to plunge into the hotels pool after the wedding and decided to have a summer getaway in Guimaras on May 2012. =) At least we didn’t miss the summer. =)

This year, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary at La Traviesa Hotel and Resort. It is located in Gen Trias Cavite. I fell in love with the place as soon as saw it in Ensogo. Their regular room rate for 2 is 3k per night but I was able to get a voucher for only PhP1700.00 per night. We live in Imus Cavite so it was just a bus ride from Aguinaldo Hway and another Tricycle going to the resort.

The Entrance of the La Traviesa Hotel and Resort

More rooms!

Cool Restroom Signs. =)

March 09, after our Friday production shift, we went there with our 3 year old son. We were very excited for our little munchkin because he loves the water. It was a sunny day when we went there. We checked in at 2 pm, took some rest and headed to the pool area at around 5 pm.

The Pool Area =)

The hotel accommodation includes a free breakfast for 2, 2 pairs of slippers and 2 bottled water. We so love the room. It is huge and Japanese Themed. It has a small living area, dining area, mini refrigerator, wooden cabinet, in room safe, dresser,hot and cold shower and a mini veranda.

Our Japanese Themed Room – Villa 2

The Bathroom

Freebies! Freebies! (Breakfast for Two, 2 pairs of slippers and 2 bottled water)

For our dinner, We ordered from their restaurant since we were so tired to go out that night. Good thing their menu offers a wide variety of affordable meals. After dinner, we went back to the pool area for a quick night swimming. Our little munchkin enjoyed playing in the water.

Our sumptuous dinner!

The next day, we went to their mini canteen located at the pool area to get our free breakfast. You have the option to have it delivered in your room but since it was morning and we wanted a good view of the pool and landscapes, we decided to eat there.

After breakfast we went back to the pool for a swim until our check out time.

The Little One is Enjoying the Water. =) 

We really enjoyed our stay there and will definitely go back If there’s another deal from Ensogo. hahaha

What I like about the place:
– It comes with free 2 bottles of water,  pairs of slippers and breakfast for 2. As usual  the room includes 2 big and 2 small towels so you don’t need to bring those.
– The room is huge that it can accommodate up to 4 pax.
– If you will be bring a kid with you, the pool is safe for the kids because it’s only 2 feet deep.
– Their “infinity pool” is only 4ft to 5ft so I was able to enjoy it.
– I love the soap and shampoo dispenser. Way better than the one’s in sachet or bar. =)
– Very clean and I love the landscapes.

What I don’t like about it:
– When we ordered our breakfast, it took forever before it was served. The menu says it has juice and coffee. but when we asked for it, we were told that we can only get either of the 2. I guess their kitchen staff was just too tired to make our juice? =(
– My son only get to enjoy the fountains located at the kiddie pool the next day since it was closed on Saturday.
– The INFINITY pool is not an infinity pool. hahaha
– There’s supposed to have a KTV for 200/pax consumable but unfortunately, we were told that it was closed. =(

Overall I enjoyed the place. We will definitely go back there If we get a discount again. Unfortunately, 3k per night for the room and accommodation is just too expensive considering that they only have 2 pools and they don’t have an interactive pool for the kids and kids at heart. =)

Happy Family =)

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