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Lunch at KingBee Chinese Restaurant

on March 18, 2013

Before we headed back home after our 4th wedding anniversary, we stopped by King Bee Chinese Restaurant for lunch. Hubby and I love Chinese food and it was the only Chinese Restaurant we saw at Manggahan, Gen Trias; so we decided to try it out.

Kingbee Chinese Restaurant serves authentic Chinese Cuisine. When I searched the restaurant’s history, I found out that it was the first and main branch of KingBee. It is a family business owned by Mrs. Ang Ong King Bee and opened in August 21, 2001.

They offer a wide array of dimsums, rice bowl meals, roast specialties, noodles and other authentic chinese cuisines. The Chef in charge of the menu is an International Chef from HongKong. No wonder the food tastes authentic and is really good.

Here’s what I think about the Kingbee’s main branch:

The place (Ambiance and Facilities): 3/5

When we entered, the place looks like one of the Old Chinese Restaurants in Binondo. They have live fishes that you can choose and they will cook it for you. Maybe because it was the Main Branch so the place looks old and the interiors are not so fancy compared to their newest branches in the North. They have clean yet small comfort rooms inside.

The staff: 4/5

They seem nice. They accomodated us as soon as we entered the place. They will serve tea upon request. Unlike other Chinese Restaurants where the staff will serve it while you wait for your orders.

The Food: 5/5

Hubby ordered The White Chicken Rice and I had the Chopsuey Rice (My Favorite). Their Sago and Black Gulaman is a desert and not a beverage. =) So we had to use a spoon to consume it. =) Their Pork Siomai is a must try.

The Price Over Quantity and Taste: 5/5

 1. Sago and Black Gulaman Php60.00
– Unlike other Sago and Gulaman drink that we had from other Chinese Restaurants, this one is cheap yet we’re satisfied with it. It has less ice so we get to enjoy the Big White Sago and Black Gulaman. =)

2. White Chicken Rice and Chopsuey Rice Php150.00

3. Pork Siomai Php90.00 for 4 pcs
– I love the taste of their Pork Siomai; Quite Small but at least its very good. =)

4. – Chopsuey Rice Php150.00
-The vegetables on the chopsuey is still crispy. I love the taste and the serving is just right for the amount I paid.

Overall Rate: 4.25

I am so eager to try the other choices in their menu. Maybe we’ll go to their newer branches. =) I read from other food bloggers that their WinterMelon Soup is a must try. =)

Main Branch:
Gen. Trias
Governor’s Drive, Manggahan, Newhall Commercial Center
General Trias, Cavite
(046) 402-0632

Other Branches: Antipolo, Laguna, Cavite, E. Rodriquez, Las Pinas and Commonwealth


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