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The Young Parents Guide To Being Yaya-Less For A Month

on February 24, 2013

Since I gave birth to Aidan, we immediately hired a yaya because both me and my husband are working. As much as I would love to be with my son 24hours a day, 7 days a week, I can’t. I cannot afford to be a SAHM (stay at home mom).


I have to regularly send money to my family in the province to help them with my father’s medical related expense and we have to save money for our son’s future. And If only one of us will work, we will have just enough money for our daily expenses.

Last January 19, 2013, my son’s yaya asked my permission if she can go home to their province because her father was very sick. I immediately booked a plane ticket for her online so she could go home as soon as possible. Her father died as soon as she arrived home.

Due to some stupid circumstances, we’re officially yaya-less for a month now. At first, we (hubby and I) had a hard time coping up with the changes but I am so happy that we were able to survive it. It was a good thing that hubby and I both work in the graveyard shift and we are living with my in laws.

For a month, we were able to manage our time to cope up with our new daily tasks.

During the day, when we arrive from work, I cook our breakfast; after eating, I let Aidan watch kiddie shows while hubby is preparing our dog’s food. After that, they go out for a short playtime at the park while I take a short nap (30 minutes-1hour).

Once they go back from playtime, we take a bath together. I let hubby sleep early so we can take turns in the afternoon. At 11:00AM it’s Aidan’s lunch time. After lunch, we go up and sleep. Most of the time, I give him toys so he could play first and I just instruct him to go to sleep when he gets tired. He usually wakes up around 4:30pm. Once he wakes up, hubby will be the one to attend to his needs. They will eat snacks and prepare the dinner. Around 6pm I will wake up and will eat dinner with the family. That time, MIL usually arrives from work.

After dinner, I wash the dishes then will take a bath together again, dress up Aidan,bring his potty up in the room and we will both leave for work. At night his Wowo and Mamu will sleep with him while we’re at work.

Our shift starts at 9:00PM and we make sure that we’re in the house at 7am.

It was our new daily routine for the past 1 month. It’s very tiring but we realized a lot of things because of what happened. We get to spend more time with our son which I always belive to be – PRICELESS.


2 responses to “The Young Parents Guide To Being Yaya-Less For A Month

  1. Ayen says:

    kudos to us! we don't have yaya/maid for almost 3 months now and we are still coping. good thing i have my mom to take care of our son in the evening while my husband and i are at work.

  2. anne1109 says:

    ^ =) Our son sleeps with my in laws at night also. Kapagod but at least we get to spend more time with our son. And we were always excited for the weekends kasi dun lang kami nakakatulog ng matagal. haha

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