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One Late Dinner at Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro (Burgos Circle The Fort Branch)

on February 24, 2013
Bugsy’s Bistro

I was invited by a friend to be her model for her Makeup Class last January, 2013. The class was located at Burgos Cicle in The Fort. After the class we had a late dinner at Bugsy’s Bistro. It was a quick dinner so we decided to get a table outside the bar.

I ordered the Single Grilled Porkchop meal and Mango Juice. As expected, almost all customers  seated outside were smoking. I was not comfortable the whole night we were there. Maybe it was because of the super heavy makeup I had that night plus the smoke coming from their cigarettes irritated my eyes. I can’t imagine how I smelled that night. Arrggghhh…

I also don’t know why but we had to call the waiters several times before they get out orders. The waiter who approached us seemed to be in a hurry that he forgot to take note of my mango juice. =( Imagine how pissed off I was that night because I was really thirsty and tired.

It took forever before our meal was served. We were so hungry that night that my friend and I didn’t talk the whole time we were eating. hahaha.

The food is great though. Although my friend told me that the Salpicao is a little bit salty. But their Grilled Porkchop did not disappoint me.

Single Grilled Porkchop

Overall, I didn’t like the place. Not because there were a lot of people smoking cigarettes. Of course, it was a bar and we were seated outside. Could I expect more?!? But the long wait time to get a waiter for our order, and another long wait time for our order to be served? I just hate the customer service they have. Will I go back there?

Hmmmm… maybe I’ll try their other branches. They still serve good food. I just hope that they will improve their customer service next time.


2 responses to “One Late Dinner at Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro (Burgos Circle The Fort Branch)

  1. sad to hear about your experience.. Love their buffalo tenders! you should try that next time 🙂

  2. anne1109 says:

    ^ The food was ok naman. =) Maybe we should seat inside na next time. hehehe

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