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Changes and Realizations After a Month of Not Having a Yaya

on February 24, 2013

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have been yaya-less for a month now. It isn’t easy being working parents and a hands on parents during the day. The task has been very tiring yet very rewarding. It helped me realize a lot of things and it brought a lot of changes and  blessings in disguise.

Here are a few changes that we faced in order to get things done everyday:

1. Less sleep.
– When his yaya was still here, we would normally sleep 8-9hours everyday. =) Now, we would be happy getting at least 5 hours of sleep.

2. Goodbye TV time
– I used to watch those telenovelas every weekdays and weeknights. Now, I can hardly  even watch the news because we have to let our son watch those kiddie shows to keep him in place.

3. Doing the house work everyday is soooo tiring.
– We were lucky my FIL cooks our lunch and dinner. But we still have to wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean our room,arrange Aidan’s stuff, etc.

4. You have to take the tot with you everywhere
– With a yaya, we can eat peacefully because it’s his yaya’s duty to assist him while eating. For any errands that needs to be done, we have no choice but to bring our kid with us. There was a time when I needed to buy Dada’s ingredients for his cheesecake; I didn’t have a choice but to bring Aidan with me at the grocery. Hubby and I will be celebrating our 4th anniversary and we booked an overnight stay at a resort hotel with our son of course. =)

It’s tiring. Most of the time, I can’t help but sleep in the bus on my way to the office. Mike enjoys the sleeping quarters in his office a few minutes if he comes to work early; and he just sleeps dring his one hour break as well. But these sacrifices had brought us a lot of blessings.

1. We got to spend more time with our son. It was a great upportunity to get to know our son better. As a 3 year old tot, he’s becoming a bit difficult to control already and very playful.

2. I’m so happy with the time management we did for the past 1 month. I tell you, being working parents at night and doing mom and dad tasks during the day is quite difficult and again… very tiring.

3. Unbelievable energy. 2hours of  travel to work, 9 hours in the office and another 2 hours of travel back home. But no matter how tired we are from work, our energies restore once we open the gate because we know that the kiddo is patiently waiting for us.            

4. I Discovered some things that I took for granted. Being vain, I want my son to have flawless skin. I noticed before that my son had small bruises on his legs. I asked his yaya what caused it and she always says that it’s because of excessive playing. I believed her since my son plays a lot everyday like a crazy monkey. I also noticed that during dinner time, my son would suddenly cry for no reason. During a short conversation with my mother in law, she told me to warn the yaya not to pinch my son. I was shock when I heard it. MIL told me that she wasnt sure yet, but I need to tell the yaya just to be sure. I then pinched my arms so I would know how a pinch would look like after a couple of days. If ever that’s true, I won’t let her leave the house without a slap on her face!!!

5. Being a hands on MOM is priceless. I get to spend more time with my son for a month. I was able to teach him how to eat on his own, clean his bed when he wakes up and trained him to pee in the bathroom bowl alone.

I may be tired, exhausted and sleepless; but knowing that my son is happy, healthy and in good hands with me and hubby – what more can a mother could ask for?

I thank God because for a month of being busy with work and mommy-daddy duties, he gave us a healthy body to be able to do those tasks. =)


2 responses to “Changes and Realizations After a Month of Not Having a Yaya

  1. I can relate. Our yaya/maid left almost 3 months ago and now I'm exhausted. Haha!

  2. anne1109 says:

    ^ Haha. We're still lucky our son's already 3 years old when his yaya left.

    Hirap maghanap ng yaya ngayon. hahaha

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