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Jacobs Ladder Immunization Center – Las Pinas Branch

on January 27, 2013

Aside from our Local Health Centers, we also go to Pediatricians to schedule our child’s immunization; But I’m sure everyone is aware that their rates are so expensive that not all parents can afford it. Thanks to my GT sissies; they introduced me to Jacobs Ladder Immunization Center. At first, I was a little hesitant to go there since we live in Imus, Cavite and the nearest branch that they have is in Las Pinas; But when I saw that their rates are 50-70% cheaper than my son’s Pedia, I gave it a try. (Hepa A vaccine is charged PhP1900 by his Pedia while at Jacobs Ladder its only PhP1200/ HIB is PhP1500 from Pedia and PhP850 from Jacobs Ladder).

Receiving area

Last January 21,2013, I brought my son to their new clinic in Las Pinas for his 2nd shot of Hepa A and HIB Booster. His wowo (my Father in law) was so kind to drive us there since hubby was at work. It took us about 30 minutes to get there.

The new clinic was located beside the Meralco Office in Las Pinas near the City Hall. When we arrived, there were only 2 patients preceeding us. They have a wide receiving area and there are toys for the kids to play with. Aidan enjoyed it there because they have lots of toy cars and books.

After we registered, the nurse checked Aidan’s height and weight.

What’s with that smile?
He found toy cars =)
It’s Aidan’s turn. So he’s returning all his toys back. =)

When it was our turn, the Doctor performed a physical check up on Aidan. He checked Aidans mouth, teeth, stomach, back, heartbeat,etc. I actually thought that he was going to perform the shot right away; But to my surprise, he actually took longer checking up on Aidan rather than his regular Pedia. =) And he was the only Pediatrician who was able to determine the reason why Aidan was constipated. He was a really good pediatrician. He was also eager to explain the illnesses that are prevented by a certain vaccine for me to better understand.

He told me that he will give the Hepa A first and will have to ask for Aidan’s permission If he can give the HIB Booster. I was scared that time because It was the first time that Aidan would have his vaccination without his Dada. The Doctor, asked Aidan to count from 1-10; and to our surprise, the procedure was done and Aidan did not cry. =) When the doctor asked him If it was ok to give the 2nd shot, Aidan ok’d. Same procedure was made and there were no tears as well. =) Good job Aidan. =)

It was really a great experience and I’m trully glad that I went there for Aidan’s immunization.


– Receiving area is wide unlike in clinics.
– They have toys for the kids so they won’t get bored and stressed.
– Since people go there for vaccinations, there were no sick children/adult there. We experienced going to my sons pediatrician and there was a kid with chicken pox. So scary!
– Rates are 50-70% cheaper than Pediatricians


-The person that performs the vaccination is a Pediatrician.
-The reason why the rates are more affordable is because the vaccines are purchased in bulk from Zuellig, the largest distributor of pharmaceutical products in the country.

Updated rates as of January 2013

Get to know more about Jacobs Ladder Imuunization Center here:


5 responses to “Jacobs Ladder Immunization Center – Las Pinas Branch

  1. Thanks for sharing the price list! I'm bookmarking your post for reference. 😀

  2. anne1109 says:

    ^ you're welcome sis. =)

  3. Is it really okay there anne? I have missed a month of vaccine na for my baby kasi it was so expensive sa pedia niya =(
    pure ba ang vaccine nila? nilagnat ba baby mo?
    thanks for your help. =)

  4. anne1109 says:

    @mommyambisyosa – hello. sorry for the late reply. yes, ok dun. i just learned about Jacobs Ladder Immunization from other Mommies I met from Smartparenting and GT. Its much cheaper there kasi its really an immunization clinic so they buy their vaccines in bulk and its directly from the supplier. Vaccines have different brands po. So make sure to ask which branch yung dating na inject sa anak niyo. If you want na ganung brand parin ibibigay sa kanya. And its a normal reaction na lalagnatin siya after a few days of vaccination. =)

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