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A Different Japanese Experience at Nanbantei of Tokyo

on December 29, 2012

I was never fond of Japanese Cuisine because I don’t eat sushi. So, going to a Japanese Restaurant was a different experience for me.

Last December 22, after our last Makeup Class for 2012, my friend and I went out to have dinner. We were supposed to eat at Modern China because I love Chinese Food. But because of some circumstances, which I cannot tell, we end up having dinner at Nanbantei of Tokyo in Greenbelt. =)

I was a little hesitant to go with her, thinking that I will be served with Sushi and uncooked meat/fish. But, I was wrong. =)

If you’re craving for a roasted bite-size pieces of meat and veggies (Yakitori as they call it), then Nanbantei of Tokyo is the perfect place for you. Nanbantei of Tokyo is well known for their Yakitori dishes.

Upon entering, you will really know that it is a Japanese Restaurant. It’s a little dark inside and the interiors are small.
When inside, the waiters will immediately give you a bowl of freshly-sliced vegetables which serves as your appetizer and a wet white towel.  They will then serve you their famous vegetable sauce from Japan that’s perfect for any Yakitori Dish. They also have different kinds of Japanese Sauces.

And these made our tummy full:

NOTE: Yakitori orders are 2 sticks each unless otherwise specified.

If you will be eating there for 2, I suggest you bring at least Php1,000.00 and you’ll have a good meal.

I realized that Japanese food is not all about sushi, maki or anything raw. Eating in Nanbantei Of Tokyo made me realized that there’s way more to Japanese food than what we already know.

And from now on, I can say – “I love JAPANESE Food” =)

Thank you (My Friend) for this experience. =D

Nanbantei of Tokyo – Makati
3/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center Makati
Contact Number: 757-4130 to 31

The Verdict = RAVE

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