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My 2013 Buddy

on December 14, 2012

It’s the last month of Ber months – few more days and It’s gonna be a new year. Every year, I am so excited to get a new planner.

I’m a person who can’t live without a planner. I’m not a busy person but I am very keen to every details and I want everything to be organized.

I’d been using the Belle de Jour Planner since 2009. But last year, I decided to switch to Hello Kitty because the BDJ freebies were not that interesting anymore. I was planning to try 2013 Doddle Planner by Filed but I had no time to go to Powerbooks to buy one. I tried to scout in National Bookstores but did not find a good one.

Until yesterday, my co-worker told me that Moonleaf sells planner with no fuss at all. No need for stickers or stubs.  you can purchase them right away at the counter.

I hurriedly checked the search engine and decided to go there tonight to check it myself.

And so now, I have my first Moonleaf 2013 Planner. I fell deeply in love with it. =)

The Cover

Now you know why I love it. hahaha

Best features:

As the name implies  it is inspired by the moon and features a very minimalist design. It’s a hardbound planner with 100 pages with weekly view. It has a 2-page notepad every month where you can write your everyday thoughts.  Perfect for a blogger like me. =)


It comes with 6 discount coupons, and 2 free coupons (for your birthday and on their anniversary). The last page contains stickers with different cute designs.

Cute Stickers!


I’m so excited to write on it. 19 more days and you will be my new best friend. =)

* Black Planner for only 295Php!
* Green Planner (limited edition, only 1500 pcs produced with mini-notepad) for only 395Php!

I’m so excited to use this Next year!

Don’t have your 2013 planner yet? Check the link below for the available 2013 planner:

Check for more 2013 planner


2 responses to “My 2013 Buddy

  1. Rae says:

    Definitely cheaper than the coffee promo planner. I think this is a worth it buy. Mine on the other hand was free from watsons. They're giving away a planner for every Php 1,500 purchase.

  2. anne1109 says:

    Wow, that's good. I'm so excited to use my new planner next year. hehe

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