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Dancing is moving to the music without stepping on anyone's toes, pretty much the same as life.

Aidan’s Newest Faves Part 2: Upin & Ipin

on October 14, 2012

Here’s the Part 2 of the Aidan’s newest fave. =)

Upin & Ipin 

Upin and Ipin is a Malaysian animated series produced by Les’ Copaque Production. The story revolves around the lives of the 5-year old Malay twin brothers. They live with their elder sister Ros and grandmother Uda (whom they call Opah). They all live in a kampung house in Kampung Durian Runtuh. They have lost their parents in their infancy. They go to school at Tadika Kita as kindergarten.

They have a group of classmates, including Mei Mei – adorable and right thinking, Jarjit Singh – joker and poetic, Ehsan – clumsy and short-tempered, Fizi – easy going and sarcastic and Mail – entrepreneual and meticulous.

The headman of Kampung Durian Runtuh is Isnin bin Khamis, also known as Tok Dalang. He keeps a cluster of Rambutan trees for commercial purposes, and owns a rooster named Rembo.

Upin and Ipin started it’s First Season last 2007. And they are currently on Season 6 this year.

Funny because Aidan has been hooked to Malaysian animated series. I really don’t know why. But Aidan really enjoys watching it. He would seat all day in front of the TV to watch it. I just hope that later on, I will not hear him speak English like how Malays do. =) hehe


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