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Aidan’s First ENT Visit

on October 10, 2012

July 28,2012 – a week before Aidan’s 3rd birthday, we decided to bring him to an ENT Specialist. We were  armed because we saw some discharge in his ears and it had a foul smell.

Since he was a baby, cleaning his ears with cotton buds and baby oil was a daily routine. Not until we went to the ENT did we find out that its not advisable to clean your ears everyday, as it may cause infection.

The ENT used an Otoscope to see what’s wrong with his ear canal.

We were told that the reason for the ear discharge with the foul smell was due to Otitis Externa.

Otitis Externa as per

Otitis externa (also known as “External otitis” and “Swimmer’s ear”) is an inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal. Along with otitis media, external otitis is one of the two human conditions commonly called “earache”. It also occurs in many other species. Inflammation of the skin of the ear canal is the essence of this disorder. The inflammation can be secondary to dermatitis (eczema) only, with no microbial infection, or it can be caused by active bacterial or fungal infection. In either case, but more often with infection, the ear canal skin swells and may become painful or tender to touch.

One of the most common symptoms of Otitis Externa is pain in the ears. This was one of Aidan’s complaint everytime his yaya cleans his ears that time. A few days later, we noticed an ear discharge and he’s always complaining that his ears were itchy.

The doctor advised us that it may be caused by water that had entered his ears while taking a shower. The water may have been trapped in his ears.

Another cause maybe the use of ear swabs or any other object used to clean his ear canal. It caused the skin to break and that had develop an ear canal inflammation.

The doctor started to clean his ears using a machine ear cleaning tool. I had to hold Aidan very tight because a single move might cause too much pain on his ears; which it did. =( Poor little boy. =(

(No picture of the procedure as it was a delicate one.)

After the procedure he was given 1 week medication. We bought Myclin-O (available only at his ENT) 4 drops to be taken 3 x a day for 1 week. We were advised to go back after a week for another cleaning. We went back on August 4 for a follow up check up.

He tried to clean Aidan’s ears again. Unfortunately, it was still swelling inside. So he had to stop because Aidan was already crying.

We were advised to continue the medication until our next visit.

Our last ENT visit was last August 11. It was already after Aidan’s birthday. He cleaned Aidan’s ears again. And it was the last.

The Doctor advised us some precautions to avoid this from coming back:

– Avoid inserting anything into the ear canal.
– Use a damp cloth in cleaning his ears and avoid cleaning his ear canal. Only the outer part and the back part of the ears should be cleaned.
– After a shower, immediately wipe dry his ears using a towel.
– It is best to use Ear plugs when swimming.

We were also told to go back after 6 months and he will be the one to clean Aidan’s ears. I should also avoid cleaning his ears using cotton buds. Most ear canals have a self-cleaning and self-drying mechanism.

Well… I learned the lesson the hard way. =(


2 responses to “Aidan’s First ENT Visit

  1. avagabondmom says:

    I'm sure it was hard but good thing your little boy is ok now. 🙂

  2. anne1109 says:

    Thanks sis. =) He's ok now. Lesson learned. hehehe

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