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Aidan’s Newest Faves Part 1: BoBoiBoy

on October 2, 2012

Before, Aidan enjoys watching Nick Jr shows.

Click the link for the post about his favorite Nick Jr shows:

Now that our little Bah-bah is 3 years old, he had graduated from watching Nick Jr shows and switched to Disney Channel shows.

Here’s the PART 1 of Aidan’s newest favorites:

(Action, Comedy, Adventure)

BoBoiBoy is a Malaysian Series produced by Animonsta Studios. The story is about a boy with a superpower and be able to separate into three. He has 3 friends (Ying, Yaya and Gopal). They all fight to protect the earth from alien threats to conquer the Earth to hunt down for cocoa beans.

More information about the main character:

3 BoBoiBoy


He has 3 powers of the 3 elements- Tanah (earth), Angin (Wind) and Petir (Lighting). His greatest power is to be able to separate himself into 3 and each one can have the power of each elements.

Adu du

The enemy:
BoBoiBoy and his friends are fighting against the coffee addict alien named Adu du that has made his way to the Earth. Later on, the alien is in search of cocoa instead of coffee. The reason for change according to BoBoiBoy Fanpage is because coffee is a bitter-tasting  drink and does not appeal well to children.

Get to know more about the other characters:

Fang has the ability to manipulate shadow but only in the presence of sunlight. BoBoiBoy does not fight Fang because he is arrogant and ill tempered. Fang doesn’t like him as well.

She is kind to all of her friends especially to Yaya. She’s a shy type but can accelerate with incredible speed  (like The Flash), but will lose power when sneezing.

She is kind, but can easily get angry. She likes to sell cookies – but does not know how to make delicious ones. hehe The biscuits that she sell makes people faint. She has the power to fly in the air and can lift heavy objects (like Superman).

He can turn anything into food simply by touching it, but only If he is afraid of something. 

The Robot prototype created by Adu du which is his sidekick to defeat BoBoiBoy.

Tok Aba
BoBoiBoy’s Grandfather. He has a cocoa shop that serves cocoa drinks.

The robot created by Adu du and generated by the power of cocoa. But fell into BoBoiBoy’s hands once activated.  It gives power to BoBoiBoy and his friends, as well as a helper in Tok Aba’s Cocoa Shop.

Papa Zola
Fictional superhero that comes out of the video game to the real world. He takes Gopal as his student for a while.

Computer analysis in the spacecship of Adu Du.

Creatures that can be fragmented into multiple pieces, created by Adu Du to beat BoBoiBoy. But later defeatedhim and is willing to help BoBoiBoy and friends when in trouble.

Raksasa Tidur
The enemy of Papa Zola and can make the opponent sleep with its magical powers.

Bago Go
The weapon dealer who gave Adu Du and Probe the Robot of Destruction – the Mukalakus.

Ejo Jo
The General of Ata Tatiga planet. He bought Adu Du’s Spaceship from Bago Go and finds out that Adu Du has found Cocoa on Earth.

Siti Zudaidah
One of BoBoiBoy’s classmates. He really likes BoBoiBoy since he moved to Rintis Islamd Primary School but he hates Fang.

One of BoBoiBoy’s classmates. He is a scaredy cat whose afraid of scary stories.

One of BoBoiBoy’s classmates.

Sewel Cat
An odd eyed cowboy cat owned by Pak Senin.

Aidan was hooked to this animated series for a week already. He even memorized the song. =) hahaha


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