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Our Super Fun Trip to Baguio!

on October 1, 2012

Last June 22-24 my family and I went to Baguio for a short vacation with my in laws.  It was actually Aidan’s first time to go there. Mine as well, I guess. hahaha (I went there last 2004 but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to go back to Manila the next day.) So I only get to see the Burnham Park and the famous SM City Baguio – the mall with no airconditioning. =)

It was a long 5-hour drive from Manila.

See how bored our Little Passenger was? =) 

It was nearly 12 noon when we arrived at Baguio City; So we stopped at SM City to have lunch.

Lunch at Mann Hann
Aidan and Dada
Mamu and Aidan

After lunch we checked in at Pine Breeze Cottages.

The place is a 5-minute drive from Burnham Park. It’s totally comfortable for families especially with kids.

We booked their Deluxe room that’s good for 4-5 persons (With kitchen, toilet and bath with hot and cold water, fridge, 1 kind bed and 1 double deck bed, and TV).

It has a mini veranda with table, bench and a wide parking area.

We took a short nap and went to Burnham Park at 4pm.

Things we did at Burnham park:

Boat Ride
(Php100 unlimited ride for 6pax. That rate was only given to us because it was not peak season.)

Play time!

Aidan enjoyed the playground. It was safer now for the kids since it’s already surrounded with fences.

When Aidan got tired of playing, we went down Session Road. Session Road is the commercial Road of Baguio City and is very popular for shopping and dining.

We went back to Pine Breeze around 7pm and for  Dinner.

We had to sleep early to prepare ourselves for the next days itinerary.

The next day, we woke up at 7am and had our breakfast. It’s good that the room we got had a kitchen  with Gas, a stove, utensils,etc. We got to cook our breakfast. Tipid mode. hehehe

Saturday Itinerary……..

From Left-Right
(With Dada and Aidan at the Strawberry Farm, Little Strawberry, Cabbage Farm and Strawberry Flavored Taho)

Our first trip was at La Trinidad to see the Strawberry farm. (If you want to see the farm, you have to wear slippers or boots.)

We then went to Lourdes Grotto. It is located at the top of Mirador Hill where you can find the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. To reach the Grotto, you may either climb the 252 steps stairs or you can take short cuts.

Lourdes Grotto

Our next stop was the Camp John Hay. We just went there to see the place. If you love playing golf, this is the best place for you to stay. =)

We also went to PMA (Philippine Military Academy).

Military students falling in line before their lunch time.
More pics at the PMA
Aidan’s favorite part of the trip. Playing at the Tanks with Dada

Inside the PMA (Philippine Military Academy) Museum

Last pose before we leave PMA =)

 We had Brunch at the PMA Cafeteria before we went to the Mines View Park. I was very excited to go there to meet the famous “Douglas”.

Meet and Greet with Douglas… Uber cute! =)
The White Horse with Pink Hair (PETA will be very mad when they see this)
What’s with the pink hair? =( 

Just beside the Mines View  Park was Good Shepherd. We bought some Pasalubong there.

We had a short stop at Wright Park just to experience it and have some pictures taken. Across that was The Mansion.

A quick visit outside of The Mansion

Wright Park
We were supposed to go to the other side of Wright Park so we could go horse back riding; But because we were very hungry and our camera’s battery was about to go empty, we stopped by a pizza place for a light snack.
After we had snacks we went back to Pine Breeze to rest for a while.
We left again around 5pm for a mass. We went to a convent where Sister Stella’s staying. 

Aidan enjoys playing the piano… Hmmm… my Bah-Bah’s got another talent. hehehe

After the mass we had dinner at Good taste Cafe and Restaurant with Sister Stella.

Good taste is perfect for big families where they can share good, affordable Chinese food with very large servings.

The next day and also our last day in Baguio, we ate at Jollibee just across the Burnham Park.

After eating we went to the public market to buy pasalubong.

I was able to check Baguio’s wide arrays of Ukay-Ukay. =) And yes! I was able to buy a blouse and a Cardigan for only Php20.00 each. hahaha

As a promise to Aidan, we went back to the Wright Park for his horse back riding. Of course it was my first time to ride a horse so I was so exciiiiiiiited! =)

Scary at first but we BOTH enjoyed it. =)

After 30 minutes of horse back riding, we went back to Pine Breeze to check out.

It was around 8pm when we arrived HOME. We were all tired but happy. =) We will definitely miss Baguio. =(

For reservations and bookings at the Pine Breeze:

Main Booking Office:
40 Bokawkan Road corner P. Burgos St., Baguio City
Tel. No. (074) 442-3350
Manila Booking Office:
1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City
Tel. No. (02) 411-7171

or email them at:


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  1. I miss Baguio. Baguio had been our favorite travel destination. We try to go here at least once a year.

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