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In2It Eyebrow Powder Kit

on September 2, 2012

Product Information:

ER 01 eyebrowns
Wt. 3.5g

Makeup Artistry told me that using a pencil eyeliner on your brows is a NO-NO! Please click this link to know why –

Using an eyebrow powder can make your eyebrows look more natural. There were lots of good eyebrow powders in the market but it’s incredibly expensive.

Thanks to GT, I found out that In2it and ELF have good eyebrow powders at an affordable price. When I went to Mall of Asia last weekend, ELF’s eyebrow powder was sold out. ELF’s eyebrow kit is a combination of powder and gel.

So, I went to In2it counter and purchased their eyebrow kit instead. It’s only 299.00 pesos.

For a size that is just right to fit any purse, it has 3 different shades, a mini mirror and an applicator brush. =) Perfect for people on the GO.

I’m using the darkest shade because it’s the one closest to my hair color.

What I love about it:

– The colors are not too pigmented. Looks natural when applied.
– It’s waterproof and it stays longer – no need for retouch.
– At first, I had a hard time applying it using the mini angled brush because it’s too short. But I got used to it.
– Because it’s very handy and it comes with a mirror, you can easily fix your eyebrows anytime.
– The back part shows the expiration date. =)

Check the back part for the expiration date.

What I hate about the product:

– Nothing! I absolutely love it. Worth every penny and it works like a pro! =)



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