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Aidan’s Growing Up So Fast

on August 7, 2012

Aidan’s milestones from 24-36 months

Physical milestones:
Expect your toddler to begin asserting his independence as he now can do the following: throw and kick a ball, undress himself completely with minimal help or supervision, help to put things away, drink from a cup without spilling, jump in place, and walk on tiptoe.

** At 2 Aidan learned how to undress himself alone. He would always argue everytime we go bathe because he wanted to undress himself alone – w/o ANY help from us. =) It was also a habit every breakfast to drink his milk from a cup. We still cannot wean him off from a bottle completely because he still asks for milk during bedtime. He also loves to jump. That explains the scrapes and the bruises. =( Everytime we arrive home from the Grocery, Aidan would grab the grocery bag with his stuff and put it on his cabinet (diapers, shampoo, powder,etc). Of course it was not as organized as his Yaya would do; but we allow him do that so he can practice being independent at an early age.

Aidan helped me arrange his toys. =)
Aidan eating his lunch alone. =)
Makalat pero ok lang. hehehe

Cognitive milestones:
He refers to himself by name, for example, “Aidan likes big trucks” or “Aidan wants juice.” His vocabulary has expanded to include 900 or more words; he uses phrases and is able to construct three- to five-word sentences. He also knows his name and age.

**The first 3-syllable word he said was “CARABAO”. No one knows who taught him or where he heared it. Ang YES! He had never seen a carabao before. hahaha Her Mamoo was also patient enough to teach him how to answer “What is your name” and “How old are you”? He also refers himself not by his name but with “Kuya”. Like, “Milk ni Kuya”. “Wee-wee Kuya”.

Social and emotional milestones:
He initiates his own play activities, observes other children at play and joins in, but may have a hard time sharing things.

** I make sure that Aidan has time to play with his toys and with other kids to develop his social skills.

Playtime with Ate Bibay
Aidan and Andy

It is very important for parents to stimulate and encourage your toddlers to develop the best of their abilities.

Introduce him to Blocks. I have noticed that Aidan was more imaginative and he never gets bored playing with his blocks.

Enjoying the Blocks

Give him time to play by himself. Let him enjoy his time alone and play with his toys.

Playing with his toys while watching cartoons.

Spare a little time for your toddler and read him books. This will help expand his language. If he gets bored (Most toddlers have very short attention spans), do not force him. Let him do what he wants to do. It is better If you ask him what book he wants you to read for him.

Can’t decide which one to read first

Expose him to the public. This is a good preparation for preschool. Let him enjoy the company of other children his age.

Aidan will be 3 in a few minutes – August 8. I’m so excited for another milestone with my Bah-bah. =)

Motherhood – I love this job =)

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