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A Mother’s Day Treat @ Tibiao Fish Spa

on August 3, 2012

Since I moved here in Manila, I never got a chance to celebrate Mother’s day with Nanay. I would often greet her on the phone.

Last May 2, Aidan, Mike and I went to Iloilo for a short vacation. We went back to Manila a few days before Mothers day though. So, last May 04, I decided to give my Nanay an advance Mother’s day treat, =)

We went to the city with Aidan. We had lunch at Hongkong Kitchen – a newly opened restaurant in Robinsins Iloilo.

After eating, we went to SM Iloilo for a quick shopping and a Fish Spa treatment.

It was our first time to try this.

Tibiao Fish Spa is located at the Lower Ground Floor of SM City Iloilo. Their branch in SM Iloilo opened last October 20, 2010.

SM City Iloilo Branch
Photo grabbed from

The fish that was used for Fish Spa is the Garra Rufa or Doctor Fish. This fish is said to feed on the dead layers of the skin cells and stimulates pressure points to relax the body and release stress.

When we entered the Spa, a friendly staff asked what service we would like to have. We had a 30 minute Classic Fish Spa for 120pesos only. Then,we were assisted by another staff. He gave us a mini basket and placed our shoes there. After that, we headed to the wash area to wash our feet.

After washing our feet, we sat on a bench made of bamboo above a large aquarium filled with doctor fish. They had 2 tubs for the classic fish spa. One with smaller fishes and the other one contained large-sized fishes. Of course, since we were first timers and a little bit scared, we chose the tub on the left with the smaller fishes.

Classic Fish Spa

When our foot reached the water, the fishes started to nibble off our dead skin. At first it tickles a little. But later on, it feels very relaxing. It felt like a million fingers massaging your feet.

My ever loving Nanay. =)
Gigil na gigil sila sa mga paa namin. hahaha

You might be wondering what the little kid was doing while we were on the spa? He enjoyed watching the fishes.

The little munchkin. =)

After 30 minutes, our skin felt a lot smoother. A perfect treat for my Mom’s tired feet. Thanks little fishes. =)

And Nanay was HAPPY. =)

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