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One rainy night at The Fun Ranch

on July 28, 2012

Last July 21, 2012 Aidan was invited to Aiven’s 7th birthday at The Fun Ranch. It was a cowboy-themed party and we were really excited because It was our first time to wear checkered polos together. 😛

The party started at 6:00PM at the Big Barn Yard. All kids were entitled for a RIDE ALL YOU CAN.

The Fun Ranch is known as the ONLY complete children’s complex in the country today. It offers a wide variety of fun activities and games.

(I can’t discuss detailed information about the said party because I’m not sure If everything (food,host,souvenirs,photobooth,etc) was part of the Big Barn Yard Birthday Package.

Since it was pouring that night, we just stayed inside the party venue. There’s a mini playground inside so Aidan got the chance to play before the party started.

 Me and My Little Cowboy

Finally, the rain stopped after the party. So, Aidan get to enjoy the rides. Unfortunately, we were only allowed to try the indoor rides because all outdoor rides were wet.

Aidan really wanted to try the fishing game but we were told that it was not included in the RAYC. So we paid 50pesos for that. Prrrft!

The Little Fisherman

There was a recreational center called THE FAMILY ZONE located at the upper level of The Fun Ranch. But we were not able to go there. I was not sure If it was already closed or it was under renovation that night. So we didnt get to try the Mini-Golf, Teacup Ride and the Family Bowling.

Aidan was still short to ride alone in most of the rides, so I got to accompany him at almost all the rides for free. =)

We tried the “Space Quest.” Upon entering, we felt like we had been taken into a different world, where Aliens and Space creatures were abound. Aidan actually got scared that he held my hand tight and ignored the space gun on his side.

Entering the Space Quest

There was also a car racing for kids who love cars; complete with a track. But it was only suitable for a 5 year old kid and not yet age appropriate for Aidan.

Aidan also enjoyed the Kiddie Bumper Boat. Adults were not allowed but Aidan was assisted by a friendly staff.

Bumper Boat

There were also common rides like Bumper Cars, Carousel, The Red Baron, The Express Train and the Ferris Wheel. Since, The Red Baron and ferris wheel were located outdoor, we were not allowed to ride on it. Aidan enjoyed the rest of the indoor rides though.

The Express Train

The Carousel

Caution: Most rides are old. The seat belts need to be replaced because they were already worn out.

Despite the drizzle of the rain, we still crossed the mini bridge at the upper ground floor. That was fun. =)

Despite the rains, Aidan still enjoyed his first time at The Fun Ranch. We will definitley go back there during the summer(to make sure it won’t rain) to try the other featured rides.

If you want to visit The Fun Ranch, you may call them or check their website for more details. Please see their contact details below:

The Fun Ranch:

Address: Frontera Verde, Ortigas Ave. Pasig City Philippines
Telephone: +63.2.7063029, +63.2.7063031

For your kids birthday party, you may try the Big Red Barn. It’s fully air-conditioned, wide venue and has its own playground inside.

Visit to know more about their party packages.

Note: I cannot give a verdict to the party that we attented at the Big Barn Yard as a respect to the party hosts.

They also have a free magic shows on weekends that ussually starts at 12noon at Blue Whale Grill and 6:00Pm at the Big Red Barn. Please call +63.2.7063019 and +63.2.7062887 for reservations and more details.

If you want to be part of The Fun Ranch e-list send these information at

Your Name
Your child’s Name
Your child’s Birthday
Your Contact Number

You will have the privilege of receiving latest updates on events and promotions to your email.Plus, the chance to win invites and tickets to special events.

Thank you Mommy Aileen, Daddy Obeng and Iven for the FREE Fun Ranch Experience. =)

2 responses to “One rainy night at The Fun Ranch

  1. Fun Ranch says:

    Hi! Thanks for your comment about the seat belt. Will work on that. Hope to see you soon.

  2. anne1109 says:

    Thank you Fun Ranch. We will go back there after the rainy season. Hopefully I can bring my pamangkins there this Christmas. =)

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