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Exploring the city of Puerto Princesa

on July 16, 2012

Earlier 2011, we got a good deal from Airphil Express. We got 2 roundtrip tickets to Puerto Princesa for only Php353.00/pax. Its a 4-day vacation (September 25-28). Hubby proposed 2 months before we bought the tickets. Since we were on a tight budget due to our wedding preps, we were having second thoughts If we would still go to Palawan. We were about to let go of the ticket because we knew that we had to use a bulk of our savings for our wedding.

…But we thought, “Sayang naman. “hehehe. It was already September when I planned our itinerary to Palawan. Thanks to my GT sissies for helping me with our trip. 

A staff of Lola Itangs picked us up at the airport. 
The guy gave us a short tour of the mini city.
Thanks to GT sissies – they introduced me to Lola Itang’s Pension House.
We were greeted by their friendly staff as we entered the reception area
We were given a welcome drink while we were waiting for the bell boy.
Our welcome drink. =)

Inside Lola Itangs
Our room. =)

It was an airconditioned room with 1 matrimonial bed, cable TV, a private toilet and bath, and a mini veranda.

I have read a lot of good reviews about Itoy’s Specialty Coffee Haus. So we were excited to go there and try their coffee.
Itoy’s is located on J.Rizal Avenue, just around NCCC past Jollibee.

Post it notes by Itoy’s Customers

 We love Itoy’s Coffee…

A night full of fun at the Baywalk
Riding the bike habang si Dada e tumatakbo. =)

Bikes for rent.
The Underground River

It was raining hard when we went there so the water was not clear and we didn’t see any  monkey or amphibians in the forest. =(
We still enjoyed because our boatman was knowledgeable and witty. 
We thought that our trip to the Underground River would be cancelled because of the bad weather.
Thank God we were able to see this natural wonder of the Philippines.
And we were able to go back to Sabang, safe. 

Exploring Crocodile Farm and Palawan Rescue and Conservation Center

There were crododiles of different sizes – from babies in big tubs to huge crocs in concrete pens. 
Entrance fee is very cheap.  There are separate fees if you want to take pictures with the animals.
Butterfly Garden

There were only a few butterflies when we went there; Maybe because it was raining that day.
The place was quite small compared to the Butterfly Garden in Bohol. 

Mitra’s Ranch

This place gives a great view of Palawan. We thought they do not collect entrance fees. But they do. =(
The place is quite boring unless you want to try their zip line.
Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed to enter the big house. We were told that the right side of the farm is open to the public. When we went there though, we were told that it’s a private property and tourists are not allowed to go there. Grrr… Sayang ang entrance fee. Wala naman kaming napala dun! We just took some pictures para hindi naman masayang ang punta namin.

Bakers Field

A quick stop at Bakers Field to take cute pictures and to buy their famous Ube Hopia. =)

We really enjoyed it here.
I wish we could come back here with Aidan. =)

And of course… our vacation won’t be complete without food trip! =)
Our most favorite part of the trip. hehehe
The ever popular Chaolong!
Chaolong is a Vietnamese dish. 
Aside from Chinese food, we also love Vietnamese and thai food. 
We loved the spicy beef stew soup.
Perfect on a rainy day with a cold coke and hot vietnamese bread. =)

Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant

This resto was named after a native bird in Palawan Island that has a very nutritious saliva. 
The food is ok. We didn’t get to try their specialty kasi dalawa lang kami  and it’s a little bit pricey.
Bilao at Palayok

Their serving is good for 3-4 persons. A little bit expensive pero sulit naman kasi sobrang daming serving and masarap yung food. =)

When you enter the place you’ll see a small pond and a mini waterfall.

Chef Tan’s Kitchen

During our last night in Puerto Princesa we had dinner at Chef Tan’s Kitchen. Hubby and I loves Chinese Food so we really had to taste their food. The prices are very reasonable. 

Chef Tan’s Kitchen is located a few hundred meters south of the airport entrance – Manalo Extension. You may call them at 048-7253191 for directions.

Lunch after our Underground River Tour

Our Underground River package tour comes with a free lunch at Roberts Resort. 
The food was ok. Pero as per hubby, super sarap ng Tuna kasi fresh pa.
I don’t eat fish so hindi ko natikman yung Tuna. =)

Wala lang… =)

That was not ours. =) 
There was an american guy na may dalang 1 gallon of orange juice.
Nahiya akong kunan yung guy so yung gallon of juice nalang.
(Nahiya pa ako sa lagay na to. hehehe)

We also went to Immaculate Conception Catherdal, which is a few walk from Lolang Itangs. And just behind the Cathedral was the Plaza Cuartel.

We really enjoyed our stay in Puerto Princesa because the air was not polluted like in Manila. So we get to walk on the streets nang hindi nahihilo sa usok. We were able to pass by Mendoza Park in Rizal Avenue and  Puerto Princesa Museum na laging nagkakataon na closed na kapag napapadaan kami dun. =)

We had fun in Puerto Princesa.
We’ll miss the coffee at Itoys and the Chaolong Noodles. =)
Plus, we had the chance the see one of the top 7 Natural Wonders of the World. =)


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