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KBL Recipe (Kadyos-Baboy-Langka)

on June 3, 2012

KBL stands for Kadyos, Baboy and Langka. This is a popular Ilonggo dish. it’s also one of my favorite dishes. my mom cooks this everytime I go home to Iloilo.

Kadyos, also known as black eyed peas is commonly seen in Visayas Region. I am not sure If there are any specialty stores in the metro that sell kadyos. I hope so… =) Kadyos is very high in protien –  to those people who have high Uric Acid, take caution.

Baboy – also one of the main ingredients. I tried cooking KBL before using different parts of the pig but using Pork hocks (pata) gives its unique flavor. you can buy it sliced at the grocery.

Jack fruit – Langka as what we call it in Filipino.  use the unripe one.

Batuan – It is a small fruit that it used as a souring agent, similar to tamarind.

Here’s my mom’s recipe of KBL. =)

1 kilo pork hocks – charcoal grilled
1/4 unripe jack fruit, chopped
1 cup of kadyos
kamote leaves
5 pieces batuan
1 peice pork cube
salt and pepper to taste

Prepare the Kadyos (black eyed peas)
1. Soak the kadyos in a bowl of water.
2. Wash kadyos just like how you would wash rice.
3. scrape the kadyos with your hands to loosen dirt that may have stuck. Drain. Repeat the process.

1. Pour water in a cooking pot and add the charcoal grilled pork hocks.
2. Cover the pot and boil.
3. when the water boils, lower the heat to a simmer.
4. let it simmer for a few hours until the pork is tender.53. Add the jackfruit, kadyos and batuan.
5. Cook it for another 10 mins.
6. Add the pork cube.
7. Add salt if preffered and taste.
8. Add the kamote leaves.
9. Cover the cooking pot and turn off the heat.
10. Once the kamote leaves are cooked, transfer it to a serving bowl.


Note: (if you want your kbl to be less sour, add the batuan a few minutes before the dish is finished cooking.)


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