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Our Honeymoon (very late post)

on April 28, 2012

March 10, 2009. After our Civil wedding, Mike and I went to Cebu for our honeymoon.

Cebu is 365 miles south of Manila.

Being part of a tropical country, Cebu is lined with pristine white sand beaches perfect for holiday getaways; But that’s not the reason why we chose Cebu as our honeymoon destination.

So why Cebu? We were craving for their uber cheap Eat-All-You-Can restaurants.

It’s actually my 2nd time to go to Cebu. The first time was during our college tour.

These are the places we visited in Cebu.

Mactan Shrine

This is one of the top tourist attractions here. Here, you can find the monument of Lapu-lapu, the first Filipino hero. There are also mini tiangges selling souvenirs and local crafts like guitars. Hubby bought his guitar here.
Basilica Minore del Santo Nino Cebu
“Cebu’s oldest Catholic Church”

Entrance of the Church

Light a candle and make a “WISH”
Magellan’s Cross

Magellan’s Cross is a wooden cross planted by Portuguese and Spanish explorers as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan. He was the first European to come to the Philippines in 1521.
Fort San Pedro
Front entrance of Fuerza de San Pedro

Wishing Well

Fort San Pedro became part of the American Warwick Barracks during the American Regime. It was converted into a school where many Cebuanos received formal education.

We got bored in Cebu so we went to Bohol for a day tour.

It took us one and a half hour from Cebu to go to tagbilaran with a fast boat.

Upon arrival at the port of tagbilaran.
We rented a private car for our day tour. The driver also served as our tour guide  for the day. Super bait ni Manong driver kasi inikot niya kami sa lahat ng gusto naming puntahan. =)

Places we visited in Bohol.

Blood Compact Monument

Baclayon Church

Bohol Museum
Taking snapshots is prohibited inside the museum. =( 
Loboc River (Floating Restaurant)

Locals of Loboc entertained us with their lively dance and song number.

See how clean the river is. Locals get to wash their clothes in the river.

Loboc River

We had lunch here. Sarap ng food. =) Truly a one of a kind experience of cruising down Loboc River while having a buffet dining on a floating restaurant. There, you’ll find 3 mini water falls and a band of musicians on a floating raft playing folk tunes for the tourists.

Tension Bridge in Sevilla

Once we crossed the bridge there’s a mini tiangge there who sells souvenirs. We even got to see Buko King. Taga dun pala siya. =)

Man made Forest

Our driver was kind enough to stop by and take a photo of us. =) Ganda ng place.
 It is a manmade mahogany forest in a two kilometer stretch of densely planted Mahogany trees (located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns.)

Butterflies Conservation Center

Huge Caterpillar

This butterfly knows how to play DEAD

I love butterflies. Super daming butterflies dito. Unlike other butterfly conservation centers, mas madaming species ng butterflies dito.

Chocolate Hills

Toss a coin, ring the bell and make a wish. =)

Who doesn’t love this place. This is one of the famous tourist attractions of Bohol. The Chocolate Hills form a rolling terrain of haycock hills – mounds of a generally conical and almost symmetrical shape. During the dry season, the grass-covered hills dry up and turn chocolate brown.

Alburquerque: Prony the Python

Up close and personal with Prony. Prony is said to be the world’s biggest snake in captivity. She’s over 23 feet long anf 300 kg heavy. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!
 We loved our trip to bohol. One whole day was not enough. We really had fun there. =)
Definitely a lot more fun in the Philippines

2 responses to “Our Honeymoon (very late post)

  1. avagabondmom says:

    better late than never 😀 and i agree, can't get enough of the Philippines!

  2. kiz_me1109 says:

    Hehehe. Oo nga. I wanna go back to Bohol. We really had fun there. Maganda daw mga beach dun. =)

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