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Wedding DIYs Part I

on April 18, 2012

They say If you something done right – Do It Yourself! (or if you want something done your way at least)

I wanted to have a unique wedding but I didn’t want to spend all of our savings on a one day celebration.

Here are my DIYs. Some of them were made with the help of my husband. =)

Secondary Sponsors Wristlets:

For a change, I didn’t want to use fresh flowers; so I decided to make my own version. Silk green flowers and bracelets made of green beads.

Green Silk Flower

Finished Product

This is how it looks when you wear them. =)

Peso Power: 55 pesos each

Flower Girls Headband:

I ‘m not a fan of halos. And I wanted to make something that they could still use after the ceremony in case they want to change clothes.

A closer look. =)

Peso Power: 30 pesos each

Flower Girls Flower Basket:

I was supposed to use cardboard cones for my flowergirl basket instead of the traditional basket. I was not that confident to make one though; so I decided to stick with the traditional basket with a unique design. Our theme is Modern Spring so I made a basket with flowers and a meduim sized butterfly. I was supposed to put a teddy bear inside the basket but I discovered that it’s cheaper to put flowers instead. =) Also, Malate Church does not allow flower girls to shower petals while walking the aisle so I opted for a mini bouquet in a styro instead.

This was how it looked like during the wedding. 
the basket had a combination of white roses and green button mums. 

Peso Power: 40 pesos for the basket
Flowers – Part of the entourage flowers package, we bought in Dangwa

Doughnut Tower:

I am not a fan of traidtional weddings. I wanted something unique and YES!” – I wanted other people to talk about our wedding after the event. =) Cupcake towers are becoming popular nowadays. I thought of having macaroons but it was quite expensive (Way out of our budget). My husband works in Krispy Kreme and we heard that they will give us free doughnuts for our wedding; So I thought of using it as our wedding cake instead. =) I checked the prices of cake towers. A 5-tier tower costs about 500-900pesos; so hubby thought of making our own tower instead. =) All materials were made from recycled materials. (empty soda cans, used cardboards, aluminum foil to cover the board) I just bought green wrapping paper so it would look good and a green ribbon as an additional design. Mike’s team members’ offered to personalize a doughnut and a wedding topper for us. As an additional design I printed out monograms that Ate Tin made which was also used in our invitation.

The Finished product. =) 
Our wedding doughnut tower. =) 

Peso Power – approximately 200 pesos
Doughnuts – free

Guestbook (Wish Tree):

We made a wish tree as our guest book so we could use it as additional design at the registration area. I found it very unique and bagay sa aming Spring Themed Wedding. =)

Made of Langka Tree branches painted in white.
With mini butterflies on it. =)

 Sample wish tree note from one of our guests. =)
Pens and Pen Holder

Mini cardboard pads

The WISH TREE Signage
Peso Power : 
Wish Tree : Branches = FREE
Paint = 50pesos
Paint Brush = 14 pesos
Mini Butterflies = 10 pcs for 25 pesos
Mini Notes = 50 pesos (cardboard and ribbon)
Wish Tree Sign = 7pesos for printing at Netopia
Total = 146pesos
Wedding Matches: 

We did not use our wedding matches because Malate Church wanted us to use mini candles instead; But I still made these cute matches. Wala lang. Gusto ko lang. =) hehehe 

They’re soooo cute.. =)
Peso Power:
Matches = Komando Matches from our kitchen
Butterflies, cover and Flowers = mga sobra sa DIYs ko. =)
Table Numbers: 

During our prenuptial photoshoot, we asked our photographer to get wacky shots of us holding a card. But the numbers were too small that I have to edit them to make it more visible. =) 
 Our Table Numbers 

Here’s how it looked like at the reception tables. =) 
Peso Power: 7pesos each for printing. 
Thank You Cards:
I made my own lay-out for our thank you cards and had them printed at Netopia. 
Sorry.. hindi clear yung pag kuha ko. =(
But here’s the lay-out I made. =) 
Peso Power: 
Printing = 7pesos for a 4r print divided into 4 photos on each print
Peso Power:
Bible = A christmas gift from my officemate
Design: Ribbon = sobra sa ribbon na ginamit sa invitation
Silver Balls = Galing sa nasira kong hikaw. hehehe

We were told by Malate Church that we just need 2 mini candles. Sobrang liit niya kaya ang hirap niya lagyan ng design. At least medyo naging presentable naman siya. =) 
Peso Power:
Candles = FREE. kinuha ko lang dito sa bahay. hehehe
Dried Flowers = 25pesos per pouch
Ribbon = Sobra lang din sa mga ginamit kong riboon.
Gifts for Sponsors:

I cannot disclose how much we spent for the gifts for personal reasons. Sorry… =( Anyways, we can’t think of a unique gift to give to our sponsors. So we opted to give them Starcbucks coffee Beans with wines for the Male Sponsors and Personalized Pens for the Female Sponsors. =)
DIY Starbucks Coffee Beans Tintie Bags

Coffee Beans =)

Personalized Pens for the Female Sponsors

Red Wine for the Male Sponsors

Our Gifts for our Sponsors. =)
Watch out for the Part II of my Wedding DIYs. =) 

2 responses to “Wedding DIYs Part I

  1. chi says:

    Love your doughnut tower sis! talk about being eco-friendly. =)

  2. kiz_me1109 says:

    Thank you sis. =)

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