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Our Wedding Suppliers Rating

on April 14, 2012

Every couple wants to have a perfect wedding. And as a return to our dear suppliers here are our ratings. =) We can’t thank you all enough for making our wedding a SUCCESS.

Malate Church – 5

We didn’t hire a coordinator but we were lucky because magaling and mababait ang mga sakristan nila, kaya hindi kami nahirapan. Father Kevin was the priest who interviewed us and we personally asked him to be our Presider. We were so happy nung nakita namin siya. He even said that he can still remember me. I was touched when I heared him pray for mama. While looking at the pictures of our wedding, I was shock when I saw na Calla Lilies yung flowers na ginamit. Considering that we have their most affordable package, pero yung favorite flower ko ang nilagay nila. =)

Malate Church

Ramon Magsaysay Center (Lower Ground Floor) – 5

I never liked Garden weddings. I’m sure everybody knows why. Hindi ako makakasayaw. hehehe Our first plan was to get Malate Church’s Function Hall. But because they have so many restrictions (no tiffany chairs, pins on the walls are not allowed,loud music are prohibited, etc) we decided to look for another place. Basta may aircon, madaling ayusan, maganda lagyan ng mood lighting and maganda ang flooring ok na sakin. =) Buti nalang na mention ni Ms Anj (owner of Madels Cuisine) na merong bagong function room and RMC goof for 100 pax. We then went there,nagustuhan ko agad yung place. Madaling lagyan ng pins yung walls kasi meron part na made of foam. Maganda din lagyan ng mood lightings dahil mababa lang yung ceilling. And maganda ang flooring nila. Nung una, kinakabahan pa kami kasi feeling namin hindi kakasya yung set up ng caterer namin, Buti nalang magaling si Ms. Gina and nagkasya kami. May mini dance floor pa sa harap. =) I also would like to say thank you to RMC kasi nabasag yung vase ng WISH TREE namin. Buti nalang pinahiram nila yung malaking vase nila sa lobby. =)

Outside RMC

Quidos Grill – 5

We actually decided on another caterer before we learned of Quido’s. We only gave Quido’s a shot because they had a grand food tasting and we wanted to see what they had to offer and to see their set up as well. Once we tasted the food though, it was an “aha” moment for us. We had to get them. Quido’s simply had the best tasting food that we have ever encountered in any event. Even our guests raved about how great the food at the wedding was. Our only problem was, they were way out of our budget. We’re really thankful to Ms. Gina. She really sat down with us and exchanged emails with us until we figured a deal that was perfect for us. We both thought that since we haggled our way at such a thrifty price, that we wouldn’t be given an A+ treatment. But again, we proved ourselves wrong. I couldn’t have thanked Ms. Gina enough at the reception because she was personally present in the event to make sure that everything was run smoothly. Her food servers were very polite and we felt that we had such a great bargain for what we paid for. Great service, elegant set-up and excellent food. We even told the guests to get her calling card because they won’t find a better caterer than them.

Backdrop designed by Quidos

Bridal Gown
Ms. Magda – 5

Ms. Magda is one of my favorite supplier. Pano namang hindi. Sobrang spoiled ako sa kanya. =) She gave me a big discount on my wedding dress. It comes with a free Penup gown pero since hindi naman ako magb-bridal gown sa prenup namin, I asked her kung pwede gown nalang ni MIL. And she okd. It was my dream to wear a wedding dress with ruffles and long train. But I was so shy to ask her na ganun nalang sana ang gawin niya. Siguro nakita niya na natutuwa ako sa mga ginagawa niyang gowns so she offered na ganun nalang din yung gagawin niya sa gown ko. =) With no additional charge. She also made 3 wine bags. Super like ko din yung personalized accessories na ginawa ni Ms. Magda (garter, pouch, cord, ring and arrhae pillows and veil). All that for free. =) Medyo may konting problem lang sa oras kay Ms. Magda. Pero ok lang kasi nags start palang kasi siya and hindi pa siya masyadong sanay. At least now, she knows how to say NO kapag alam niya na hindi na kaya. =)

My Gown. =)

MV Balo – 5

Another favorite supplier that is really close to my heart. Maricar, was the only MUA I had na naayos ang kilay ko. hehehe. On our Prenup Day, gumising pa siya ng sobrang aga para lang ma make up-an ako. And sa blog niya lang nalaman ko na 5th anniversary nila ni Kel (her husband) that day. Sorry naman at nabulabog kayo namin =) Amazing kasi walang retouch ang make up na ginawa niya sakin. And to think na sa Parks and Wildlife pa ang venue. Sobrang init. I had my make up at 4am and the prenup pictorial ended around 12 noon. Galing. =) On our wedding day, super sad ako kasi wala si Papa. I had no MOH because my sister was with Papa at the hospital. Na touch ako kasi andiyan siya all the time para alalayan ako. From hotel, to Church and upto reception. Parang siya narin ang naging MOH ko that day. Pati si hubby nagustuhan yung make up niya. =)

With MV Balo

Hazel Sandig – 5

Hazel is the sweetest person that we never personally met prior to the reception. A lot of complications came up before the wedding that we were left with no one to host the program two nights before the day itself. Hazel was reccommended by our son’s goodmother. She said that hazel usually hosts their events in the company, that she was really good and that she would give us a friendly price; considering that the event was in two days and she has a day job. We really didn’t have a budget for a host since our host-to-be was supposed to do it pro bono. So we were fearing how friendly the friendly price could be considering the circumstances. Or if she would even consider the job knowing that she’d have roughly one day to prepare and even know us.Fortunately, hazel proved more than anything else that this wasn’t simply just a job. We even had an awkward moment because we couldn’t talk about how much her services would cost. Right off the first time I spoke with her, she was really on top of things. She was always updating me and asking for all the details that she needed. She didn’t want everyone to know that she was a last minute mc and she wanted to know us on a personal level because she didn’t want our wedding to be systematic. She wanted it to be personal for all of us including our guests, and even for herself. We really appreciate all the effort she gave given the time constraints. She even asked for a sudden leave from her job, so she could focus on our wedding, the day itself. Both of us really felt comfortable talking with her and discussing everything she needed to know. She made us feel that she was not only our mc but a friend as well. She even asked how papa was. In the event, hazel was really on top of everything. She was funny, she was articulate and she fit our personalities well. The guests felt how much she was a part of our wedding and not just someone who we hired just to talk in front and discuss the sequence of the program. Hazel set the atmosphere that we wanted perfectly. She made it solemn but fun… and she definitely saved us from a nervous breakdown

Hazel =) 

DIY Krispy Kreme Doughnut Tower – 5

Hubby and I are proud to say that we were able to make a doughnut tower out of scratch. Made of old boxes and empty soda cans we had our own 5-tier doughnut tower. My original plan is to have a green doughnut from krispy kreme with a monogram flag and Bride w/veil and groom with bow tie for the topper. But Mike’s staff volunteered to make their own design for the doughnuts and tower. Ok naman since parang naging Spring/Monogram theme siya. Thank you KK for the free doughnuts. =)

Thanks KK for this lovely and unique Doughnut Tower. =) 

Ysabela Florist – 5

I didnt have a chance to meet Ms. Weng kasi ang layo ng Quiapo from Makati. But we always ecxhange emails in FB. Mabilis magreply sa queries ko si Ms. Weng. Very accomodating and super affordable and packages niya. I love her arrangements and ang daming roses na nilagay sa bouquet ko. =) I also like the arrangement she made for the car bouquet.

  My Fresh Green Roses Bouquet

Lights & Sound / Projector & Screen

We have L/S and Projector/Screen package with Cybersounds. I decided na sila na kukunin namin kasi nung nakausap ko si Bobby (owner) discounted pa yung rates nila. almost 3k din ang difference from other L/S. I’ll rate them on each item na kinuha namin sa kanila.

LIGHTS (5) – We loved the lights. I personally requested that I really want to have green lights only. And disco lights as an additional color (kapag kailangan lang). When we first met Bobby’s staff we were told that the venue is too small and mainit yung par lights sa amin. Good thing they found a way na mailagay yung 8 par lights na hindi kami mainitan.

SOUNDS (3) – Hubby loves music. And madami siyang gustong love songs na ip-play sa wedding reception. We were told that we have to email them the list of the songs we want as early as 2 months so they could download it in case wala silang ganung song. We emailed them the songs pati narin yung program. We had some minor revisions nga lang weeks before the wedding. We also downloaded the songs and placed it in a CD para sure na maiplay yun. For some reason, nawala yung yellow folder na hawak ni Mike na dapat e bibigay niya sa coordinators sa reception. Andun kasi yung program for the songs. Ayun, na corrupt and CD and wala din sila list ng songs namin. Ewan ko ano nangyari. Ok naman yung Entourage entrance song and pati yung first dance. Kaso, while having the picture taking, napansin ni hubby na Bossa yung music. Kakagigil because we have our own songs. Buti nalang pinilit ko si hubby na dalhin yung laptop. kasi naka save din dun yung songs. Naayos naman siya kaso I am sure hindi yung songs namin ang naka play before the reception started.

PROJECTOR and SCREEN (4) – We have 3 DIY AVPs so nag rent nalang kami ng projector and screen sa kanila. Kasama din yung AVPs sa CD so corrupt din yun. Good thing andun din yung AVPs sa laptop pati yung standby Photo namin. On our second AVP, hindi pantay yung pag play ng video sa song. So pinaulit namin. Technical problem naman siya so we cannot blame them.

BUBBLE MACHINE & SMOKE MACHINE (4) – Ok yung smoke machine nila. Kaso yung bubbles sobrang konti. Meron namang bubbles during the whole time we were dancing kaso konti siya talaga. Natawa nga ako nung nakita ko yung bubbles sa harap namin. Naisip namin, sana dinala nalang ni Aidan yung bubbles niya and siya nalang nag blow ng bubbles. Mas madami pa. hehehe

Total score: 4

Lights by Cybersounds

Liza San Diego Boutique – 5

Ms. Lisa is very nice and accommodating. She gave me a discount kahit 2 barongs lang binili namin. When we checked the cost of Pina Cocoon barong with lining in Onesimus, it ranges from 5k-10k. But we were able to haggle the price with Ms. Liza and we bought it for PhP2300 only. =)

Groom’s Barong

Mother of the Bride and Little Bride Gowns (Labor Only) – 3

I don’t have control over this since sa province siya pinatahi ng Mom ko. Mas mahirap din naman kasi kung dito pa sa Manila because they arrived the day before the wedding. Nasunod naman yung gown na gusto ng nanay ko. Yun nga lang, hindi manlang nilagyan ng beads. Ewan ko bakit… Maganda naman kasi pulido yung tahi. Maybe it was also my fault kasi mali yung tela na nabili ko for the type of dress na pinili ng Nanay ko. Masyado kasing matigas yung tela na nabili ko. The upper part is ok and maganda tignan. But the skirt is not. Hirap pa plantsahin kasi matigas yung tela.

With my little bride’s gown, maganda siya. Sayang lang because since we had an emergency before the wedding e naiwan yung belt sa house ng sister ko. Good thing kahit papano e maayos naman ang hitsura. Wala nga lang shape yung dress sa bewang.

Becky – 3

A big stress during our wedding day. Good thing naayos yung mga gowns kahit papano. But looking back into things, I still wish na sana sa Divisoria nalang ako nagpagawa ng gowns for my entourage. I thought kaya niyang sundan yung design na gusto ko.

Secondary Sponsors: Nasunod naman ang gusto ko na bubble skirt. Yun nga lang, I dont like the flower na ginawa niya. Hindi bagay sa tela na ginamit.

Flower Girls: The dress itself is ok. I really want to have a simple gown for my flower girls. I just can’t get over the fact na hindi Japanese Belt ang ginawa niya. I don’t know kung bakit hindi niya kayang gawin yun. =( Obvious naman sa picture na binigay ko na Japanese Belt yun. Good thing maganda yung tela na nabili ko kaya ok parin naman tignan yung gown and the belt.

MOH – Totally a disaster. Tinapon niya ang almost 800 na nagastos ko sa tela and labor. My sister got mad because hindi nasunod yung design na ginawa niya. She said naintindihan niya yung sketch ng sister ko. Tapos, hindi naman pala. And since ayaw na ng sister ko na magpatahi sa kanya, dinala nalang niya sa ibang modista. =(

With the Flower Girls, Bearers, Little Bride and Best Man
With the Secondary Sponsors, Little Bride and Best Man

Divisoria – 5

We had a good deal with the Bearers Barong. Bought them for only 175.00 each in Divisoria. And again, it was my fault kung bakit hindi kumasya sa little brother ko yung barong niya. Hehehe It was almost a year since the last time I saw him and I didn’t expect na lumaki siya. Hehehe

My cute pamangkin as the Bible Bearer.

Aiko’s Flowershop in Dangwa – 5

I was supposed to have a DIY Buttoniers, Flower fan, Bouquet for the Flower Girl baskets and mini Bouquet. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the crystal buttoniers I made. 2 weeks before the wedding I went to Dangwa and tried my luck to find an affordable florist. There, I met Aiko. Freelancer lang sila but since she gave me an affordable package I said yes. Too risky pero we have no choice. Good thing they did not disappoint us naman. We were supposed to have green carnations for the buttoniers pero walang dumating nung March 8. So, um-ok kami for white roses. Beautiful arrangement, all flowers are fresh and madami siyang binigay na rose petals for us. Not bad for 1k huh? =)


Little Bride’s mini white roses bouquet

Gibbi – 5

I always find it hard to look for a perfect shoes. Pano naman kasi size 4 ako. Good thing I found one from Gibbi that is prefect for my feet. I am also not a fan of the “TRADITIONAL” wedding shoes, so I bought something that I can still use after the wedding.

My Bridal Shoes. =) 

Orchid Garden Suites – 4

We were supposed to get 2 Superior rooms for my family and 1 Suite Room for Mike’s family. But because we had a family emergency, we decided to just get 1 Superior room for the kids and Mike’s family still had the Suite Room. Before we reserved the rooms I advised the frontdesk and even called 72hrs prior to check in to verify If we can do early check in because my family will be coming from the province and they need to have a place to stay. I understand that it is not guaranteed and still depends on the availability of the room. Kaso, nag late check in na nga kami kasi wala pa yung mga bata. Around 4pm I went back to the frontdesk to verify If we can get the room and pay for it. Hindi pa daw pwede. Occupied pa daw yung isa and the other room e nililinis pa. Good thing they upgraded our room into a Family room with no additional charge for the inconvinience. Pero pano nalang kung 2 rooms parin ang kailangan namin. Di walang room yung iba. Nainis pa ako kasi hindi nila nilagay sa note nila na It was for a wedding. Sana naman nagawan nila ng paraan na kahit 1 floor lang ang pagitan ng rooms. Naku, yung room ni MIL e nasa 4th floor and yung sa family ko naman e 7th floor. Kamusta naman ako. Akyat baba ako lagi. Buti nalang mabilis yung elevator nila kasi wala namang gumagamit lagi. It also comes with free breakfast. Ok naman ang food. The staff are friendly and polite. Yung rooms lang talaga ang naging problem namin.

The kids are getting ready for the wedding…

Photo & Video
Parkershot Photography – 4

Prenup – Super like namin yung photographer namin. PJ Salazar is very nice and marunong sa bata. That’s why we were able to include Aidan in our prenup photoshoot. The shots were very journalistic. Walang halong arte. After 1 week nakuha na agad namin yung Cd ng RAW pictures.

Wedding – We requested for PJ Salazar since he was our prenup photographer. Pero nakalimutan ko nang i follow up so hindi yung team ni PJ yung dumating. We were not so comfortable with the new Team. They did not even introduce themselves to us. Exactly 1 week after the wedding we got our 4Cds of RAW pictures. We love the pictures kaso may mga hindi nakunan. Sayang yung mga DIYs ko kasi hindi nakunan ng pictures. Buti nalang na-picturan ko na yung iba before the wedding. Kaso yung flowers for the entourage hindi nakunan. Yung Flower Fan and Mini Bouquet lang and meron. Hindi din nakunan yung pillows. Pero ok narin kasi madami silang stolen shots with my family na gusto ko. Hindi din maganda yung kuha nila sa buffet area. Hindi din nakunan ng maganda yung DIY Wish tree and DIY Table Numbers namin.

Our favorite shot by Parkershot

PartyBoothster – 5

Bought this at a discounted price from Cascashpinoy. Cathy Rueda is nice and responds quickly to my quieries. I love the lay-out they made for us. Very Spring themed. Their operators are also friendly. As ussual the guests and my family enjoyed the photobooth.


2 responses to “Our Wedding Suppliers Rating

  1. Katrina ♥ says:

    thanks for sharing sis! 🙂 btw, sa website ng quidos nakalagay tiffany chairs lahat? 🙂 or may conditions parin?

  2. kiz_me1109 says:

    Yes sis. Tiffany chairs lahat. Tinanggal lang namin yung tiffany chairs para hindi na kami ma charge ng service charge ba yun.

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