LIFE is a DANCE if you take the STEPS. This is my DANCE. The story of my LIFE.

Dancing is moving to the music without stepping on anyone's toes, pretty much the same as life.

Our story. This is how FATE brought us TOGETHER.

on October 8, 2011

Bride’s Side

Bride's Side
May 2004. I was still in Iloilo on my Senior year in College. It was the time that I was hurt and lost because I just broke up with my boyfriend.
Trying to make my mind occupied with other stuff that time I tried to enter a chatroom in YM. It was actually a chatroom with Trivias. I can’t remember the name of that chatroom anymore.
To make the story short… we became online buddies. We exchange emails, texts and even snail mail.
New Year 2005 we became bf/gf.
May 2005 he went to our province to see me. 🙂 It was the very first time we saw each other in person. He stayed at our house for 2 weeks.
That same month after I graduated to College, I decided to go to Manila to find a job and to be with him as well. After weeks of begging my father to allow me… he said yes.
And our LOVE story continues.

Groom’s Side

Groom's Side
I was always a loner and while being online was a means of escape, I was only logging in chatrooms to play trivia (dorky/nerdy in a way :-).
I had been single for quite a while… most probably caused by a very bad experience from a previous relationship. Definitely, I was already in a situation where I was content and thankful with my life and with whatever blessings I already had.
For some reason I ended up chatting with this girl.
For another reason we ended up getting each others numbers and started texting.
Throughout the following weeks, we became constant textmates.
Eventually, I learned a lot about her… her family, about what makes her happy and what her frustrations where… etc.
I felt a connection with her and for the first time in a while, I felt that I really cared for someone else again. New years day, I admitted that it may sound weird but I really felt something for her. She admitted the same thing and weird as it may sound ( as we have never met personally) we became a couple.
A few months, after the third semester, for the first time, I went to the visayas to meet her. Everything else is history.

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