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on September 20, 2011

Teething is a natural event in the process of moving from infant to toddler. Most babies begin teething at 6 months of age and will have their full set of primary teeth by the age of three.

Mothers should not panic as this is will not cause any harm aside from the discomfort our baby would feel during this period.

Early signs that teething are:

Chewing on solid objects

 Aidan chewing his teether

Drooling, which may begin about two months before the first tooth appears
Loss of appetite
Swollen gums
Trouble sleeping


– Excessive drooling is part of the teething process. To prevent skin irritation, always have a clean cloth with you to dry your baby’s chin.
– Rubbing your baby’s gum with a clean finger, damp washcloth or moistened gauze pad can ease your baby’s discomfort. A teething ring made of firm rubber may help as well. I still follow what my mom taught me. What I do is during bath time, I use a damp washcloth. I put it over on my 2nd finger and I use it as a tongue cleaner.
– A chilled teething ring may be soothing as well, (avoid frozen teething rings as the extreme cold may hurt)
– If the baby is too cranky or has trouble sleeping, consult with your doctor. Never give medication to your baby w/o consulting a doctor.

Teething DOES NOT cause fever, colds, or diarrhea. (Noted by Mayo Clinic and ADA) If your baby is showing  those symptoms or seems particularly uncomfortable, call your doctor because these are signs or symptoms of another illness.

Once the new teeth are in, brush them with a soft- bristled toothbrush and a little bit of water to prevent tooth decay. There are also OTC toothpaste with no fluoride that you can use.

For Aidan I used SansFluo non-fluoride.

It comes it 2 great flavors (strawberry and orange). Php80.00

When Aidan turned 2 he switched to Colgate Toothpaste for kids and Colgate Jr Stage 2 Toothbrush

Your should still needs to be supervised during brushing.

Other symptoms of Teething that medical person still consider as MYTHS:

Runny Nose

Old folks may say that these are the signs of teething. But If you try to understand your baby’s health you would understand that there are OTHER reasons why these things happen.

Teething does cause babies to chew and drool more. They chew on everything.

When babies are teething, they are chewing on everything and drooling more than usual and, as a result, they may expose themselves to viruses that could cause a runny nose or diarrhea. But teething itself will not cause either of these. You may be with your baby 24hours, 7 days a week. But how sure are you that everything he touches or puts in his mouth are clean? At 6 months, your baby is already crawling and we are not 100% sure that the area where he crawls are clean. A light fever may be acceptable. But a fever of 99c or higher is not due to teething either but rather an illness. All of us have normal variations in our body temperature up to 100.4 and the reality is, parents don’t routinely take their child’s temperature so measuring a temp of 100 when the child is fussy and drooling is most likely not an actual fever but rather just the normal variation in body temperature.

It is still wise that you check for other reasons why the fever, diarrhea and runny nose are there. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to dealing with your child’s health and well being.

Thanks to:
Dra. Bernadette Kapuno (Aidan’s pediatrician)


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