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on September 10, 2011

Since Aidan was an infant he is really prone to Diaper Rash. He rarely uses disposable diaper yet that did not stop the rashes from spreading. I tried Drapolene but I noticed that it’s getting worse everytime I apply it to the affected area.

At age 2 he started his 1st deworming. But according to his yaya, she saw 1 or 2 pinworms so we have to repeat the process. That’s when his pediatrician decided to give him Oxantel Pyrantel Pamoate (Quantrel syrup 10ml) in one dose.

The day after he had his second deworming he had an LBM. His pediatrician said it’s normal. It lasted for 4days and his diaper rash started to come out again.

I was really worried kasi sobrang dami na ang hindi na siya makatulog ng maayos kasi masakit and mahapdi na. We tried Petroleum Jelly and drapolene pero ganun parin. I decided not to let him wear disposable diaper the entire day but no work.

After 2 days I decided to bring him again to the pedia. I was advised that maybe it is not a normal diaper rash. Maybe it was caused by a fungal infection. And she gave me Zinc Oxide + CALAMINE.

Available at any drugstores at PhP39.00/sachet

I’m so happy because after a week all the rashes were gone. No dark spots left at all. 🙂

His pediatrician said we still need to apply it every after nappy change to prevent diaper rash.

At last! I found the right diaper rash treatment for my toddler. 🙂


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